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DRAFT Local By-Laws, Nov 2014




Submitted at the General Membership Meeting of Unifor 830M, November 13th, 2014.

The following motion is presented here by the Executive Board to the General Membership in accordance with By-Law 7.1 of the current (2005) By- Laws.


7.1 These Bylaws may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of members in good standing at a General Meeting, provided that any proposed amendment is posted at least ten (10) days prior to such General Meeting.


That the current By-Laws (2005) for Local 830M be replaced by the following By-Laws (November 2014) and submitted for approval to the National Unifor Union for approval.


As noted above, amendments to the By-Laws must be made with 10 days prior notice to a general membership meeting at which the proposals are being presented to vote on. Because these By-Laws are replacing the 2005 By-Laws, amendments may be made at the meeting to the proposed new By-Laws. The support of a two-thirds of members in good standing at the meeting is required to pass these new By-Laws.


  1. To update the change from CEP to Unifor.
  2. To reflect and identify obligations and considerations of the Unifor Constitution (2013).
  3. To better organize and clarify the administration and operation of Local 830M for all members.

BY-LAWS Unifor830M Nov 13th-2014 (PDF Version)


Response to CRTC Decision 2014-399, July 2014

cropped-cropped-UNIFOR-local830M-CMYK-horizontal2.jpg  BARGAINING  UNITS COUNCIL

  Response to CRTC Decision 2014-399, July 31st, 2014

The Unionized employees at Rogers Media operations applaud many aspects of the CRTC’s decision, especially those that affirm the importance of local programming to Canadians and we look forward to working with both the Commission and Roger’s to protect and strengthen daily original local programming in the near future.

The Commission turned down many of Roger’s requests that would have effectively changed the multicultural nature of their OMNI operations.  We look forward to expressing a positive vision of local ethnic programming during next years review of the Ethnic Broadcasting Policy.

Rogers has been directed to apply for a network license for it’s National Hockey League plans and is now required through condition of license to calculate any local programming separately for NHL operations.

We are disappointed that Rogers did not take this opportunity to express a clear plan for programming that captures local multicultural issues and concerns.  We hope to work with Rogers through the creation of advisory boards, that should include the creative professionals we represent, to achieve a sustainable 100% ethnic programming model for OMNI’s future by August of 2016.

It is of great concern that the Commission is allowing Rogers to operate their OMNI Edmonton license with only 1.5 hours a week of local programming and their OMNI Calgary license with only 3.5 hours a week of local programming.

We disagree with the Commission’s determination that requiring 14 hours of local programming at it’s OMNI operations would cost $2 million and create “undue financial burden for Rogers”.  Rogers total revenues for 2013 were reported at $12.7 billion, $1.7 billion of that was in media with a $161 million adjusted operating profit.

This decision gives us hope for the future of multicultural and local programming and we look forward to working with Rogers and the CRTC in the future.

Stephen Hawkins, President Unifor Local 830M

Chairperson, Rogers Bargaining Units Council


We need your help! Important Deadline to Support Local Multicultural Programming is August 12th!

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada has filed a Complaint at the CRTC against Rogers Broadcasting Limited and the cancellation of 21 programs aimed at 13 ethnic communities.

We ask that you support CEP’s application to the CRTC, which asks Rogers to reinstate its previous level of coverage of the local Chinese and other multicultural communities. Here’s how – but you must send in your support by Monday, August 12, 2013 to ensure the CRTC hears your views:

Go to this page on the CRTC’s website:  Scroll down to the tenth entry from the top – “OMNI-TV” “2013-0996-4.

Click on the submit button and say that you support this application. You will be guided to click through a few pages as you move through the link, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of each page to click next. You will be asked your name and email address so that the CRTC can verify that you are a real person.

You only need to make a very simple statement. Here are some examples of what you can say if you submit: “Please call Rogers to a public hearing about the OMNI programming changes”, or “I support CEP’s application” or “I oppose the changes that Rogers Broadcasting has made to its OMNI TV stations, and support CEP’s request for the CRTC to hold a public hearing about this important issue”.

Please take 5 minutes out of your day to let the CRTC know how important LOCAL NEWS JOBS are!

More information can be found on Facebook at: OMNI Updates.

Please share this information with your friends and family and encourage them to support this important initiative.

Do you oppose Rogers’ changes to the OMNI TV stations?

An application has been submitted to the CRTC, the federal agency that regulates the OMNI TV stations, asking the CRTC to call Rogers Broadcasting Limited to a public hearing where people can present their concerns about the program changes.

The CRTC is asking for the public’s views about this application.  If you oppose the program changes, which especially hurt local news for Canada’s multicultural communities, you can tell the CRTC, as long as the CRTC receives those comments by Monday, August 12, 2013.  The CRTC will not consider comments it receives after this date.

If filing online, follow these steps:

The CRTC has a system to let people comment online – it seems long, but is mostly a series of clicks.

It is available on this CRTC web page: Broadcasting Part 1 Applications Open for Comment


Then click on “Submit” (under 12 August 2013).  This brings you through several pages, follow the instructions.  You can either make your comments on their web site or attach a document file with your comments on it.

April 2013 Update

Collective Agreements

The new Collective Agreements have been distributed. If you haven’t received a copy, contact your Steward: Gautam Auora; George Badea; Rob Brownridge; Laura Cratty; Kristin Johnson (KJ); Eric Lai; Monica Lee; Carl Ngui-yen; Todd Simon; Nelson Wong.

The CBA is also posted on this website

OMNI Editorial Group

An application is now before the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to bring 18 OMNI editorial employees, whose jobs are similar to unionized positions at Citytv, into our Local as new members.

Media Council 2013

Your Local is sending three representatives to attend the annual Media Council meeting in Ottawa this May.  They will also be meeting with members of the Rogers Bargaining Units Council.

The New Union Project (the merger between CAW and CEP) will be one of the main topics of discussion.

CEP 830M Feb 2013 Update

CEP 830Update

BC’s New Family Day

As a federally regulated industry we have to negotiate new provincial holidays into our collective agreement.  During last years negotiations we attempted to get Family Day recognized and Rogers refused our request.

This means February 11th is a regular working day.  If you want it off, you can put in a vacation request or take your floater day.

New Union Project

Details are on the web site.  New Union logo and name questionnaire:

Response deadline is Feb 4th.

Seniority Date Confirmation

Carl Larsen and Cindy Leong have been working with our stewards to confirm membership information, including seniority dates.  If there is a difference between your company start date and the date your steward gave you, let Cindy or Carl know ASAP, so we can have the Company correct your date.

MorneauShepell Frequently Asked Questions

Who is MorneauShepell?

MorneauShepell is the  company Rogers employs  to administer and reduce the cost of employees short and long term disabilities claims

What is a “Triage Interview”?

This is the interview that a Morneau-Shepell case manager conducts with an employee after the employee  has been away from work for more than three days due to an illness.

What information do I need to provide the case manager?  Can I limit the amount of medical information MorneauShepell accesses?

You can limit the information you provide the case manager to relevant medical information to your current medical condition

You can also request that your doctor provides you with any information they provide MorneauShepell and to limit that information to your current medical condition

What should I do if I don’t feel comfortable with one of the case manager’s  questions?

If you feel your case manager’s question is not appropriate or relevant to your current medical condition; or if you feel it is an infringement on your human rights,  you can refuse to answer the question and confidentially contact your Union representative

July Update


  • You have $500 coverage for each approved paramedical practitioner like Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Podiatrist and Registered Massage Therapist (with a Doctors referral for the RMT). This coverage is renewed on January 1st of each year
  • Vision Care: once a year exams for children and once every two years for adults along with $200 for eye glasses every two years


  • Rogers uses a third-party company, Morneau Shepell, to administer Short-Term Disability claims. There are several things you should be aware of if you find yourself dealing with this company regarding a claim. The Union’s website has a list of FAQs that can help you better understand this process


  • Your “Floater Holiday”, which is additional to annual and statutory holidays.  It is a use it or lose it vacation so check with your supervisor to make sure it is used before August 31st


  • Our annual general membership meeting will be in the last week of September
  • Elections for President and Chief Steward
  • Withdrawal from the Independent Broadcast Locals Council
  • Presentation of proposed by-laws for Rogers Bargaining Units Council

May Update

Labour Management Committee Meeting

  • On April 20th, we met with Rogers management team including Nicole Cram, the new HR representative for Western stations
  • Rogers was given a draft of our new Collective Agreement
  • Vacation request process was reviewed
  • Seniority dates and updates related to recent bargaining were discussed

Rogers Bargaining Units Council & Media Council 2012

  • In May we met with other CEP Rogers locals in Victoria and exchanged information on new editing and other technologies
  • The group also discussed concerns around Rogers use of Morneau Shepell to administer and reduce short term disability claims
  • In the wider Media Council 2012, there was discussion on a proposed merger of CEP and CAW to create a new, larger union of up to 300,000 members.  For more information on this proposal check out the web site:

Cellphone Plan

  • A plan with Bell and the local union is now in place. Contact Carl Larsen for details